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MyCameraman Smartphone Video Stand


Professional Videos with your OWN Camera Man

Attention Youtubers! TikTok-ers! To all the influencers-in-the-making, you will want to meet the MyCameraman Video Stand.

It seems like video is everywhere these days. EVERYWHERE!

Everyone is shooting video footage of themselves, their pets, family... Dancing around the living room, filming a prank, or instructional video... the point is, video is where it’s at!

And yet, when you want to M O V E around, you either need a friend, or willing sibling, to stand there and follow you around the room to keep you in the frame... until now that is...

Hello MyCameraman!

This amazingly simple yet effective phone stand is very clever. A very clever cameraman. It can use object tracking to pivot and turn around to follow the subject of the video... ALL BY ITSELF! Just pop in the batteries, open the companion app on your phone, and start recording.

You’ll be raking in millions on tiktok in no time! Your YouTube channel will explode with subscribers, Instagram profile will overflow with followers and companies will be fighting each other to get a sponsored post from you! (Results not guaranteed... I mean your videos could be really boring... but at least they’re filmed like a pro!)

It’s actually better than a real human. It doesn’t laugh when you muck it up, or get tired of re-shooting hundreds of takes to make sure it’s perfect... Just a very professional, patient and willing MyCameraman.

FAST 7-10 Day delivery, sent from Sydney via AusPost

MyCameraman Smartphone Video Stand

Automatic Object tracking and autofocus
Fits all sizes of smartphone
Landscape or portrait orientation
Powered by 3x AA Batteries
Portable - if it can stand up, it can shoot your video!
Compatible with:
IOS 10.0 and up
Android 8.1 and up


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