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Bring the Beats Bluetooth Headband

The most comfortable earphones you’ll ever workout in, or fall asleep in.

Looking for our children’s version? CLICK HERE

If you’ve ever suffered a wet willy during your school days, you know that ears don’t appreciate having things stuck in them.

When you’re trying to push out those extra reps, run that last mile, or shave time off your next sprint, the last thing you want getting in the way are uncomfortable headphones.

Our Bring the Beats Bluetooth Headband hugs your head no matter how active you are, sending that musical energy straight to your heart. You can dig deep and get more out of your workout or exercise session.

Keep your head warm during early morning winter walks, and soak up the sweat from activities in summer. An all year round solution to deliver your favourite beats in a comfortable and discreet way.

They’re so comfortable, you can even wear them to bed! Fall asleep to the soft sounds of the rainforest, gentle mediation music or relaxing vibes to put your busy mind at ease and set yourself up for a truly beautiful nights sleep.

The boring but important bit: Many studies have shown a positive link between music and exercise, allowing increased for capacity to work and delayed fatigue. Other studies have shown listening to music before bedtime, results in deeper sleep, for longer. That means more restful rest, allowing for better recovery.

University of New Mexico - Effects of Music and Exercise
NCHR - Can Listening to Music Improve Your Workout
Harmat, Takacs & Bodizs - Music Improves Sleep Quality in Students
Public Library of Science - The Music That Helps People Sleep

I bet those studies didn’t even consider the frustration caused by a snoring partner! *turns volume up and snuggles back into bed*

Bring the Beats Bluetooth Headband. Bring one home for you or a family member today with fast, free delivery. While stocks last.


FREE 7-10 Day Delivery, dispatched from SYDNEY or MELBOURNE



Soft, comfortable cotton and nylon material

Stretchy headbandy goodness to fit most noggins

Washable - easily remove the Bluetooth module to wash as needed

USB Rechargable:

  • Charge Time: Approx 2 hrs
  • Working time: Approx 6 hrs

Size: 175 x 60 x 30mm

Bluetooth Wireless connection - 10m transmission distance



ALL of our products are stocked in Australia & backed by a 12 month quality guarantee. If you have ANY trouble during this time, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll do everything in our power to make it right!

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