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Welcome to Benny's Tech Bar

We’re on a mission to eliminate the gap between the tech savvy and less savvy.

It’s easy to see how all this tech stuff makes life better... as long as you know how to use it! 

We show you how to get more out of your phone, home and computer by using the newest tech in the right way. We want to hear you say “ooh that’s clever” - ‘cause then we’re on the right track.

It’s a safe space here - no question is a silly question. If you’ve got a question about anything tech, you can message us, call us, or email us. We’ll be happy to help.

Benny’s Tech Bar is run by a family. My family. When you buy from us, you aren't helping a CEO buy another first class trip overseas, you're helping my little girl get a birthday present and helping us put food on the table. Here we are getting excited for a meal at a restaurant:

There's some pretty neat stuff out now - amazing tech that can make life better. We want to bring that stuff to you and your friends, without drowning you in stats, or using words only the IT guys understand. Benny's Tech Bar is a website that makes buying new tech easy and FUN. Tech for normal people!

When you shop with us, you'll experience:

Responsive customer service - just click the message button floating around the screen and we'll be in touch right away!

Product information that's fun to read and written for normal people.

Free Shipping on almost everything, sent via Australia Post

Easy, 365 day returns - Return or exchange within a full YEAR of purchase = ZERO risk for you :)

We explain what our products do in real words, and are available to answer any questions you have now, or in the future. Chat with us. Call us. Email us. We’re always here 🙂

We know tech, so you don’t have to. Thanks for stopping by.


Benny Hooper
Owner, Benny's Tech Bar

Good things come from being an honest business.

When Roma’s message first popped into our inbox, we were so happy to see we had made a real difference to her son Jason. This is why we started Benny’s Tech Bar - to give access to technology that can help people, and make it easy to understand. 

My son is 42, blind, and has cerebral palsy. 

When you are blind and have very jerky hands putting those little connections into that tiny hole without bending something is challenging, and doesn’t always end well. So many connections have been bent over the years, and he got so frustrated.

Your magnetic charging cords have been so successful for Jason, he no longer has to struggle with chargers, changing cords and trying to find the right one. It has made such a difference to his life! 

I couldn’t speak more highly of the help and support I got from Benny’s Tech Bar.- Roma C, Adelaide, South Australia